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baby survey
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Why launch predictions about baby?

Couple having fun discovering the predictions of their friends
Have fun
with the responses from your loved ones
Grandparents entertaining themselves by playing baby predictions
your family and friends
Couple announcing a baby on the way
Announce your pregnancy
in a playful way
Collect baby name ideas
it's funny and sometimes useful!
Couple laughing while reading the names proposed by their loved ones
Enjoy sweet words
that you will receive by email
Happy couple discovering the kind messages from their friends
Reward the winners
with a little surprise gift!
Winners of the survey express their joy
Gift registry
Share your gift registry
without feeling like you're « demanding »
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Announce the birth
in an original way
Address for birth announcements
Retrieve the addresses
for sending out birth announcements

Immortalize these precious memories

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Share your gift registry

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What does a gift registry look like?

List of baby gift ideas
  • No more duplicates!

    You suggest,
    your loved ones reserve,
    you receive useful gifts!
  • Ultra-simple

    Find a preselection
    of the best products
    in our catalog!
  • Multi-brands

    Add items
    from any store
  • Adjustable quantities

    Need 20 cloth diapers?
    Adjust the quantities!
  • Automatic sharing

    Share your Baby Registry in one click,
    via email or with Facebook,
    directly or through the predictions
  • Fulfill the desire to give

    No more feeling like you're demanding, let your loved ones freely welcome
    and participate in the gifts!

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